The interim sector within UK food and drink manufacturing is undeniably a high growth area.  As the food and drink industry battles on with its relentless set of challenges, more food and drink professionals are becoming self-employed within this emerging corner of the labour market.  

The allure of self-employment and the lifestyle flexibility that comes with an Interim career, as well as the lucrative daily rate structure, is highly attractive for those that have the ability, experience and confidence to ‘hit the ground’ and positively make their mark in an unfamiliar business and culture.  The drawback however is that many Interim professionals miss the team element, the ownership aspect and have difficulty walking away from something they have started when their contact comes to an end.  You also have to be mindful of your assignment pipeline, in order to maintain your income stream.


Here at Harmas Riley we recommend suitable interim introductions to the Employer. Our terms are agreed directly with the Employer and so there is no transaction between Harmas Riley and the Interim professional.  Following an introduction, the Interim would then negotiate and agree their terms of engagement directly with any potential Employer, such as daily rate, duration, expenses, invoice payment, etc. 

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