All products on our supermarket shelves, all start with NPD - New Product Development. This is the term used to describe the process of bringing new products to market. 

The product development process generally starts with a concept or an idea.  In order to understand if this is a viable option for any business, a number of steps are taken:-

  •          Concept / Idea / Blue sky thinking
  •          Market Research
  •          Product Design (Ingredients, Packaging)
  •          Feasibility (Technical, Financial, Process)
  •          Samples (Ingredients, Recipe Development, Costs)
  •          Product Testing (Sensory Analysis)
  •          Factory Trials (Process and Production)
  •          Further Product Testing and Quality Control
  •          First Production Run
  •          Product Launch
  •          Performance and Monitoring

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Process Technologist - Worcestershire

Process Technologist - Worcestershire

This opportunity exists within one of the fastest growing food manufacturers around currently.  Their premium products are selling exceptionally well; the retailers love their innovative por…