Resourcing in Food and Drink 

 "If they don’t end up working for you, they will end up working for your competitors. You cannot rely on conventional methods if you want to attract and secure the best the industry has to offer"

During these very challenging times in the UK food and drink manufacturing sector, there is an increasing demand for a diminishing pool of experience and talent and employers are working hard to retain their key employees, with incentives like retention bonuses. This means we have to work even harder and smarter to reach out to the candidates you need and want to attract to your business.

Fishing outside the pool

Whether you engage Harmas Riley to work on a tricky recruitment assignment or to talent scout on your behalf, because of our industry knowledge and understanding, we are perfectly placed to tap into that hidden pool of talent – individuals who are not responding to adverts and not necessarily active on platforms like LinkedIn and job boards. These are the people you want to be talking to, but just can’t reach with traditional recruitment methods.  

We know the food and drink manufacturing sector well and we know where to search for your ideal candidate.  We do not wait for candidates to come to us and we do not necessarily fish in the same pool as others.  Each assignment we work on is fresh, strategically mapped out and has a 360° coverage of the candidate market.  We will only ever recommend good fit candidates.

10 reasons why you should work with Harmas Riley

1. We reach out to potential Candidates not active in the market place or responding to adverts;  we tap into the difficult to reach Candidates who you need to be talking to but cannot reach via conventional recruitment methods.

2. Networking ability and industry expertise – we have years of networking behind us and our network never stops growing.  We are talking to the food and drink industry daily, our sector information and market intelligence is as current as it gets.

3. Competitor knowledge – we know where your ‘best fit’ Candidates are and we can reach them. 

4. We are in this for the long term – we go the extra mile and offer just a little bit more. We value long term relationships with Candidates and Client alike.

5. Extremely competitive fee structure for the level of comprehensive and specialist service provided.

6. We have a strict hands off policy. If we do business with you, we will not approach your employees.  Also, we are very selective as to who we work with, we only chose to work with a few Clients at any given time.

7. As an ambassador representing your business, we deliver the right type of brand/role messages to potential Candidates. We represent your business in a way you would want it represented.

8. We’re flexible. We can work easily around the needs of your business. We understand things can change.

9. We do not waste Candidates or Clients time with unsuitable recommendations and only recommend “good fit” Candidates, operating in the best interests of all parties concerned.

10. We can support ALL you resourcing needs, whether permanent or interim roles and across all disciplines, making us your ideal "go to" recruiter every time. 


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