Be reassured 

You may be reading this because we have recently contacted you directly and so you would like to understand a little more about us, how we work with you and what happens next . . . .

Just to reassure that we do work discreetly.  Over the years we have entered into many private discussions and we will always respect your current situation and any exchange of information.

Candidate Charter 

We would also like to reassure you of the following:-

  1. Your CV will never be distributed by us without your prior consent. Your CV and personal details are held securely on our standalone systems. We are committed to safeguarding your privacy at all times. 
  2. We understand that you may not be actively looking for a career move or unhappy in your current position, but you are happy to listen to opportunities as and when they come along. If you decide not to progress, then we totally understand and respect your decision.
  3. We value open dialogue – both ways. We will make every effort to ensure that you are fully informed at every stage and we would appreciate if this level of communication could be reciprocated and that you advise us of any changes in your own circumstances.  We will both be open and honest along the way – no-one likes surprises!
  4. We will respond to any contact from you as soon as we can. By the same token, we would ask that you respond to any of our calls in the same way.
  5. We absolutely understand that it can be difficult to talk during working hours. So we can easily arrange to chat at a time to suit you, whether it is evenings, weekends, whilst travelling in the car, or out of hours.
  6. We are an equal opportunities recruiter and we are fully committed to diversity. We do not discriminate on any grounds including that of gender, age, origin, nationality or disability. 
  7. We always value feedback. Any feedback on Harmas Riley and its service to you is always appreciated and duly respected.